After a year

My last post was about Ramadhan. 

And now Ramadhan has arrived, yet again.

Kali ni Tok dah takda. My eighth wonder of the world has left me, and he will never returned. It felt so different today tho, everything reminds me of him. I keep praying that I will survive this Ramadhan.

ps :We will be reunited one fine day, InsyaAllah.

Quick update

Assalamualaikum wbt,
 It's Ramadhan again. This time i was lucky enough to celebrate Ramadhan with my grandpa. I wasn't planning to write much.
 Just hope everyone is enjoying this Ramadhan.

Of all

Of all the time periods, I was born into this one. Of all the worlds in the universe, I live here. And of all the people I could have met, I met you. 

Day 54

I love my new job.
Interesting to the max.
Plus my boss and colleagues are nice and interesting to be with.

Oh and I have been learning Hokkien and Mandarin.
My colleague is really keen to teach me Mandarin. Hehe.

Nihao ma?
Wo jiao Nurul Ain.

And a bit of Hokkien to communicate with the customers.

Tau chooi?

Til here. Xiexie

Day 52

I'm probably going to fall in love with you a little if :
- you don't realize how good looking you are
- you employ old fashion terms of endearment
- you do not bat an eye when I spontaneously launch into a different voice or accent in the middle of a sentence
- you enjoy reading books
- you smell like something incredible from my childhood
- you have enormous dreams
- you distract me from my 'real' life
- you are self deprecating, but it comes across as funny, not uncomfortable
- you write me a love letter, using pen and paper
- we cannot stop laughing around each other
- you fall in love with me a little

ps : It's already 26th Ramadhan. Why so fast? :(

When Lazy Mood Strikes

1. I have been pretty lazy lately. There were nobody to be blamed for this part, but still, being a little obnoxious person I am, I decided to blame my genes.

2. It took me a couple of days to write this post. I had a lot in mind - I still owe this blog a few movie reviews ( Wrath of the Titans, Madagascar 3, The Dark Knight Rises and a couple more), a travelogue on my trip to Ao Nang and Krabi, a few on Masjid Hopping since it's Ramadhan again and other stuff I can't recall at the moment.

3. But then, the lazy mood stikes - again and again bashing the not-so-lazy part in me, and guess what? This time the bad side of me wins. Plus, I believe nobody reads this blog anyway. Hehe.

4. I decided to not working this time, albeit the fact that my savings is running low. Gulp. I want to fully utilize the time available to do the things I always wanted to do - my bucket list. Things like exploring Penang like a tourist, and yadda yadda yadda.

5. I also applied to become a volunteer at Befrienders, but haven't received any answers from them yet. Sometimes I ponder why took them so long? Maybe my e-mail went into some junk folders.

Or maybe Befrienders is just not into me. Le sigh.

6. Oh, speaking of Le Francais phrase above, I would like to announce my current favourite athlete. Hehe. A swimmer to narrow down. Il est Yannick Agnel. Il est un tres beau nageur. Okay, perhaps it's about time to brush up my Francais. Gulp. This bloke is hugely amazing (pardon the pun, he's 6 ft 7 anyway), he beaten up Ryan Lotche in 200 IM and the US team in relay and won 2 golds at the age of 20. I envy him already.

7. This Ramadhan, besides forcing myself to become a better Muslimah, I also decided to burn some bridges I've been keeping for the sake of 'ya know just in case'. This time, it is fin, finish, finito for real. So, next time if you decided to talk to me, please don't, because I have already forgotten you.

8. I guess that's about it. I won't be available online this summer (perasan summer, but the heat on this island is intoxicating). Hehe.

9. So, hello August. New month. New life.Forget the past.

Ramadhan di jalanan

2 Ramadhan

4.00 am : Kena kejut dengan Bik for some odd reason. Grrr.
5.00 am : Terjaga dari tidur. Cepat-cepat masak air dan buat Milo untuk Abah.
5.20 am : Sahur roti Gardenia cicah Milo. Berdua je dengan Abah. Lepas tu telan air mineral satu botol.
5.40 am : Dah masuk imsak. Baring sekejap rehatkan badan. Hehe.
6.30 am : Terjaga dari tidur. Kelam labut Subuh.

7.00 am : Melawat Karim. Alhamdulillah, masih bernyawa.
8.00 am : Bersiap untuk ambil kereta di Shah Alam.
8.05 am : Main Wedding Dash kat iPod Touch Bik. Addicted wes.
8.30 am : Sambung packing.
9.00 am : Drive ke Shah Alam.

9.40 am : Terpacak depan apartment Kristal.
9.45 am : Call orang yang sepatutnya bagi kunci kereta, tapi tak dijawab.
9.46 am : Call buat kali kedua. Hampeh.
9.47 am : Call Bik, mengadu. Bik cakap mungkin orang tersebut masih tidur.
9.50 am : Duduk kat tangga apartment, mengadap Kolej Mawar. Mengelamun saat-saat pertama kali register jadi student UiTM (kantoi dah aku uni mana).

10.00 am : Lamunan terhenti. Ketuk pintu apartment plak.
10.10 am : Ketuk tingkap plak.
10.20 am : Baru orang tersebut bangun. $%*!@^$@
10.30 am : Drive balik Puncak.
11.20 am : Sambung mengemas dengan kalut. I hate this situation.

12.00 pm : Selesai mengemas. Kunci rumah dan bersiap untuk balik.
12.05 pm : Tersedar yang tertinggal Karim dalam rumah. Patah balik.
12.10 pm : Ambil Karim. Paksa Bik pegang Karim dalam kereta.
12.11 pm : Abah decide nak melawat Wan Nyah kat Kelana Jaya.
12.15 pm : Drive laju-laju ke Federal. Abah follow belakang.

1.00 pm : Lepas tol Federal, tetiba Abah potong.

"Eh, Abah tawu jalan ke? Follow je la"

1.15 pm : Sesat area Kompleks Tabung Haji. Rupa-rupanya Abah tak ingat jalan. Huuuuuu.
1.20 pm : Lead ke rumah Wan Nyah. Tak kabor Lun awal-awal. T_T
1.30 pm : Sampai. Zohor+Asar. Borak-borak dengan Wan Nyah.

2.20 pm : Bertolak pulang. Abah lead.
2.40 pm : Abah masuk NPE dari Federal. Tak sempat nak buat apa-apa. Argh.
2.45 pm : Masuk area Kuchai Lama. Sesat sampai NSK.
2.47 pm :Call Z untuk direction.
2.55 pm : Terlepas simpang untuk ke MRR2. *salah sendiri* Call Z lagi.
2.57 pm : Masuk Jalan Loke Yiew, tetiba nampak signboard ke Ipoh. Alhamdulillah.
3.10 pm : Isi minyak kat Tol Jalan Duta. Baru bertolak ke Penang dengan rasminya.

4.55 pm : Singgah Bidor pass barang Zuhan.
5.00 pm : Singgah RnR Tapah. Beli KFC untuk berbuka.
6.00 pm :Ipoh-Chemor-Jelapang. Tak jadi singgah rumah baru Acu kat Ipoh sebab dah lambat.
7.38 pm : Atas Penang Bridge. Makan secubit cheesy wedges sambil hirup air Pepsi. Tak lapar tapi haus yang amat.
7.50 pm : Sampai rumah Tok. Sambung berbuka.

8.25 pm : Maghrib. Angkut barang-barang nak simpan rumah Tok.
9.00 pm : Karim masih bernyawa. Alhamdulillah.
9.30 pm : Balik rumah. Angkut barang lagi.
10.00 pm : Isyak+Terawih sendiri. 
10.40 pm : Tertido depan TV.

11.40 pm : Semua dah tertidur. Gerak Abah tanya nak makan lagi ke tak.
11.44 pm : Abah taknak makan.
11.45 pm : Kemas dapur sorang-sorang. Forever alone.
12.20 am : Main Wedding Dash lagi.
1.30 am : Naik 4 level sekaligus. Hakhak.
1.35 am : Bateri iPod dah habis. T_T

1.37 am : Cuba tidur tapi takleh. Decide nak baca buku.
1.38 am : Tapi mata letih.
1.55 am : Mengelamun.
2.07 am : Online. Decide untuk tulis entry ni.

Fuh, semoga terbangun sahur nanti.


Alhamdulillah, segala puji ke atas-Mu ya Allah.

Hybrid Theory

Salah satu album terbaik yang pernah diterbitkan. Hehe. 

So, kepada adik-adik sekolah yang tak pernah dengar lagi lagu-lagu dalam album ni, cepat download dari iTunes, okay?

Suatu masa dahulu, album ni yang sering dimainkan oleh Sony Walkman hijau aku. Skang aku dah tak pasti kat mana Sony Walkman aku, and aku tak minat MP3, iPod Touch and stuff, so dah takleh layan lagu-lagu dalam Hybrid Theory.

Anyhow, petang ni tergerak nak dengar lagu-lagu LP through Youtube. Pada aku music arrangement dalam album ni sangat superb, lyrics plak sangat meaningful.

Salah satu lagu favourite. Oh yeah, aku banyak belajar pasal grammar through album ni.

So yeah, listen, learn, love.